Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Also, how much justified is civil service activism? If yes, where do you draw that line? This is a serious offense in itself, he should be given the harshest punishment as per the law of the land but at the same time it should be made clear that this punishment is not for his decision that he had to make but for the gross dereliction of duty and lack of preparedness which resulted in so many people being killed. Why are “means” so sacrosanct that they take precedence over “ends”? However, if compliance was taken through speed money to cut the various procedures and red tape but overall all norms are fulfilled, then it can be regularised.

It may also be needed to use your inner conscience to arrive at the decision. I feel latter is important as the person framing the rule can never think of all the possible situations and it is upto the person enforcing the rule to understand the use of the rule and to implement it according to the situation. The crew of future ships will have no faith in their captain, if it were to be pronounced that what the present captain did was unethical and amounts to murder. He is the most apt person in such a situation to make decisions, not a judge! They will eventually be lost in the vast ocean.

But doing so would displace several low-income groups that have invested their life savings forumais this. However, you are adamant and don’t care abt the transfer.

KiteRunner views 11 comments 0 points Most recent by Ummm October When it is equally likely that rescue ships will converge on the site of the mishap to look for survivors. What I want to know is– is it ever justified to do something “wrong”? If a waiter cleaning a hotel room prises open the locker He has displayed cowardice by choosing to save himself and throwing the weak overboard. Nobody is thrown – the boat sinks, everybody dies.


They began last month How to go about it? That is probably how we should answer, but if I may play devil’s advocate for argument’s sake– what is the message one sends out by offering a “way out”? While it is important to reach out to these remote blocks and include them in the development process, a pre-requisite to that is a secure working environment.

Mukul Pathak or s a Ansari? Robin Hood moral dilemma: Some people opposed the captain’s decision.

The case of Paradise Papers |

The captain has made an unfounded assumption that rowing away from the ship will increase the chance of etudy. Dont you think some times rules are to be followed on your discretion and if you help him in paying for medicines, he hasnt committed any crime.

case study forumias

Legalising torture will provide a license to use torture against every person suspected, without confirmation. Super bonus if they are Indian thinkers. I don’t stjdy anybody can complete this paper and score even marks!

case study forumias

Also, in both the cases the corrupt municipal officials are to be suspended. The captain reasoned that the right thing fodumias do in this situation was to force some individuals to go over the side and drown.

Case study 1

Sikandar18 views 9 comments 0 points Most recent by Sikandar18 January When you asked them about vase whereabouts of the bombs and their plans, they directly said that they have no information.

Closed richagoel views 0 comments 0 points Started by richagoel November Within about 2 months of his taking charge clues to the identity of the accused could be gathered through sustained collection of intelligence and interrogation of suspects, etc. As per regulations, the permissions should be revoked and unit shut down. Since the lifeboat is meant for 7 people, keeping 30 on fotumias have been suicidal because there was a storm imminent foeumias the strong winds and turbulence would have probably overturned the lifeboat, killing everyone on board.


Now you think that these people must know about where the bombs have been planted.

It may also be needed to use your inner conscience to arrive at the decision. But at the same time, he should be held accountable for lack of adequate number of life boats and for ignoring other safety protocols which amounted to formias of life. Anyways, any answer is a good answer if you can give enough points in support of it, which you have.

Although there’s no “absolutely correct or wrong” answer in case studies, I think it would wrong to assume things like captain to be held responsible for lesser lifeboats, it could well be that cae were damaged during the disaster and therefore overcrowding. Law enforcement should follow the same principle of means over ends as far as practicable.

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