It aimed at providing information about mental illnesses and also gave the students a platform to express their own concerns. Within the spectra, astronomers can study spectral which are the fingerprints of atoms and molecules. Vineet provided information to the students regarding what attracts them to Foreign Universities, cost of studying and living in various countries and the entrance exams for admission into these universities. It was a wonderful and highly enriching experience for the students. The facilitators of the event, Mr. The third session of the Astronomy workshops was conducted in the school on 23 rd January on the topic — Fingerprints of the Universe. The workshop was an eye opener for one and all.

Students learned about spectroscopy and instruments supporting it. Cambridge School Greater Noida. Preliminary for Schools qualification shows that a student. The importance of gnomon in astronomy was explained by the educator with the help of powerpoint presentation. Show my Homework; Parents. Students from around 6 schools participated.

Many activities were conducted by the volunteers with the students to normalize the conversation around mental health scholl as well as to enable the students to understand themselves and help their peers who may be experiencing any similar condition.

cambridge school sriniwaspuri holiday homework 2014

The program explored the beauty of laws of physics hidden in sriniwsapuri day to day observations through videos and live demonstrations by the resource person Dr Pragya. I sincerely hope that the school will continue to organize enriching events such as this and encourage children who are the young citizens of the world, to extend a hand of friendship with other countries and to make the world a better one. Sourayan briefed the students about the various common cyber crimes like Cyber Stalking and Cyber Bullying which includes.


cambridge school sriniwaspuri holiday homework 2014

Within the spectra, astronomers can study spectral which are sfhool fingerprints of atoms and molecules. In this workshop, students investigated light as a messenger in the universe. Contact Us name Please enter your name.

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Self reflection was the tool which was tested. But at the same time not many are fully aware about its scope and advantages. Cambridge Brilliance Awards The waste homewofk project launch workshop was addressed by Professor Shree Prakash.

The workshop was an eye opener for one and all. Why the current and past homework assigned. He discussed about the change in the type of wastes generated over the years and the difficulty in disposing it as most of these wastes were goliday biodegradable which was one of the main environmental issues to be dealt with.

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Aditi Batra and Mr. Other risk factors, symptoms, prevention of diabetes were discussed.

They were introduced to complex 204 concepts associated with star spectroscopy in the most interesting manner. The students not only learnt about the usage of the language but also had an interaction with each other in French in the form of French dialogues.

Ms Verma planned the verb game where the children had to decipher the verbs.

cambridge school sriniwaspuri holiday homework 2014

holifay The workshop was concluded by Ms. Deepika discussed about different types of diabetes namely Type 1 diabetes, Type II diabetes and Gestation period. They also observed and studied the spectra produced by different types of light using a spectroscope.

Summer homework is not the best part get your summer holiday homework give you any other assistance as far as your summer school homework is concerned. A dental hygiene awareness workshop was conducted by Dr. Amit Vij and Mr. The workshop was xchool hands-on and the students performed many activities successfully that tested their understanding of the concepts of spectroscopy.


The workshop started by interaction with students in which physical, mental and social well being of students were emphasised. The workshop was educative and informative. The highlight of the session was a fun activity in the school ground where children measured the shadows periodically to determine the circumference of the earth.

The session concluded within 40 minutes and a token of appreciation was presented to the resource person by the coordinators of VI-VIII.

cambridge school sriniwaspuri holiday homework 2014

Also, not to be influenced by peer group and keep cambridgd from smoking and drinking which was one of the causes for diabetes. She then enumerated the consequences aggression may have and how to control it.

The initial stage of the project launch included poster making competition by students. The workshop was designed on an interdisciplinary approach thereby re enforcing many concepts of science, social science and mathematics. It is also against the tenets of diversity and democracy.

The workshop was very informative interspersed with activities that could be related to real life.