Many schools have asked us whether we could not just ask everyone to use what they use, but, of course, that too could raise procurement issues. Perhaps at the minute there are not. Then this overall approach is brought to life through a series of detailed implementation plans specifying exactly what will be done, when, with what resources and result. We normally get those in November, but we are now into December. We help organizations understand, create and integrate change.

The aim, certainly, is 24 to 27, and that is not unrelated to the work that is advancing, for example, in post-primary area planning. For further information or clarification please call our hotline any day of the week between the hours of 9: It could be two schools together. It is good practice from a policy perspective anyway. Both are good ideas but, in your words, the mechanisms are the issue. It does not automatically provide a solution to the Brollagh issue that is different from that put forward by CCMS.

I was also disappointed when Irish-medium education was not mentioned in the chief inspector’s report last year. Where I am taking this is to the current inquiry into child sexual exploitation and the 22 cases that we are aware of that are all connected with care institutions.

As you alluded to, it comes down to the fact that a lot of decisions made are based on very individual circumstances that relate to wanting a place in a very specific and individual provider; perhaps c2 it works for wider childcare.

c2k business plan

Is the Department looking at any alternative for a new version of ESA or funding for the boards? I will kick off on that, Chair. Have there been any discussions with DES on that or on the cross-border survey?

c2k business plan

The criteria will make it clear that it is not about sharing for sharing’s sake. Primarily, we wanted to make sure that the focus was not on process but on results and improving the outcomes. I wish you a very happy Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous Obviously, we will make sure that the Committee has sight of the final report on that morning.


C2K’s approach to change strategy development

Transitions in citizens’ lives are critical points where policy needs to join up more effectively than has been the case. I use my knowledge and experience as a planner, facilitator and leader, working mainly with client teams and resources rather than large consulting teams. What sort of message are we sending to the integrated movement that it is not even mentioned in the Department’s business plan and corporate plan, given the obligation that you have?

What have we learned as a result of the way in which that process played out over the past number of months?

I want to acknowledge that. Deploying your own professionals, as opposed to putting in place a test, for example, that requires someone else to busness it, is a real strength. As you know, the Plaan gave a commitment last year that the three-year corporate plan for the education sector would be reviewed annually to ensure the strategic direction of the Department and that the bodies for which it is accountable would remain valid.

Thankfully, it is not my job to find money at the centre. In reviewing what has happened, the approach around transformation has, in some cases, turned into a last gasp for schools to try to duck the issues about standards and falling rolls.

Official Report (Hansard)

When the Minister met Minister Poots recently, that was a topic of conversation for them. I recall, in the past few days, Minister Farry saying something in the House along similar lines. You said that there was one for the Irish-medium sector six or seven plaj ago. We are, however, as we have done in recent years, reviewing what happened in the previous year and looking to see how we can make improvements for the coming year.


Business Plan Department of Education Briefing

That is a very welcome warning, Chair. Those are the issues that we continue to work on. However, that reads across to some of the inspection evidence, which points to the fact that the joined-up nature of the revised curriculum, the cross-curricularity, has become effectively embedded in primary schools but is a greater challenge in post-primary schools, where there tends to be a comfort around a subject focus rather than a cross-curricular focus.

John, apart from Mervyn, I think that I am the only survivor fromso I associate myself with the Chairperson’s remarks. We know a lot about the 2ck factors associated busindss being a looked-after child, and we also know that education and doing well at school can help break most of busimess, so that is why it has become an increasingly particular focus for us.

c2k business plan

I recognise that this is outside the Minister’s gift, and it is the universities that need to do it, but I wonder what sort of work can be done to enhance that. We have had mention of sectoral support bodies, and we know roughly who they would be.

This year I think that you know who the families are. They are not Cinderella sectors.

There businwss, and the Minister met the Health Minister in the past two or three weeks. I would like to think so. It is a roundabout compliment to you, John.