Koplovitz z”l taught my second grade class in her last year of teaching, and we always felt privileged to be a part of that special class! Come see our iPad program in action! Our first artist-in-residence was renowned New York illustrator and artist, David Wander. She was impressed by the spirit of inquiry and openness in our classrooms and told us that Cardin seemed like an excellent match for LCI. One of the academy’s most popular camps is for water polo. During the fall, he helped our students imaginatively respond to Jewish texts with visual images.

After a marathon workshop in August, the iPads were rolled out during the first week of school. And excitement about this new curriculum is spreading…. Norman Prentiss Comments rss Trackback. When my tour guide asked my group if anyone knew who he was, I knew. Campers run the gamut from experienced athletes heading to college to younger children trying a sport for the first time. After that, we stayed our first night in Warsaw.

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Cardin School saw integrating the visual arts as essential to its mission and wove it into the fabric of school life. We stayed in Warsaw for two days, then Lublin for one, and Krakow for Shabbat.

Literature class in conjunction with the U. Maybe he had the right idea.

Cardin School inaugurated its partnership program with Lincoln Center Institute supported by a generous grant from the Homswork Bearman Foundation. Here is some of what PEJE said about the winners: Here are some responses:.

Yesterday The Day School at Baltimore Hebrew received one of the honework, best, and somewhat unexpected gifts imaginable. This cemetery had survived the Holocaust. And I am the very proud granddaughter of Helen Hartman z”l – office manager extraordinaire, snack passer-outer, tooth box distributor, school nurse, along with many other hats that she wore – who worked at the school for 32 years.


Campers run the gamut from experienced athletes heading to college to younger children trying a sport for the first time. In March I chose to take a different path than most teens for the summer. A lot of stones were still there and there was a wall made of all the stones that had been destroyed.

Summer sports camps offering geth from fencing to water polo are as popular as ever for giving kids an introduction to ttfiloh activities — or a chance to improve skills they already have.

Youth camps build fitness skills to last a lifetime – Baltimore Sun

My family and I drove to New York and met the group there, and I was then on my way. More than campers ages 10 to 18 will come from all over the world to participate in the 21st season of the camp this summer. Elsewhere in the area, the U.

beth tfiloh homework

Participants can expect to be in the water for up to six hours each day. I was amazed that my grandfather could read so many novels at once, and still manage to keep track of all the characters and plots. Here are their announcements: Class trips to Fairview and the Oceanography retreat were incredible learning experiences – even for some of us less-than-outdoorsy classmates.

About 4, children each week attend local YMCA summer camp programs.


beth tfiloh homework

As my tour guide, Moshe Gold, told us about this, a light bulb went off in my head. We can also personalize and differentiate curriculum with them. Grades 2, 3, and 4 were privileged to hear from Mrs. Chizeck visited the students in the seventh and eighth grade and asked how they felt about the iPads. And if I get really interested in a specific book, I can always switch back to my old one-at-a-time strategy until I finish!

Eller, who is also chairman of the state’s Youth Camp Safety Advisory Council, advises parents to do their homework when choosing a summer program.

Right from the Start First grade teacher Mrs. Silver Yeshiva Academy is truly filled with some of the fondest memories of my childhood. I was very grateful for this and I look forward to another great year of learning and growing as a student tfkloh Cardin.

Youth camps build fitness skills to last a lifetime

Below is contact information for the camps mentioned in the article. Whether in minyan or in the classroom, as part of interim week or holiday programming, the students created art to stimulate their intellectual curiosity or to encourage their inquisitiveness. Tifloh see our iPad program in action! Camps are also a fun way to get kids off the couch and into a physically challenging activity.