That gave me the motivation to do this with Thesis and phpBB. I just went in and did some very basic color matching via the skins style sheet. What about users who have already resorted to using bbpress and have custom themes which utilize deep integration? You can make the query like above using following code. Get your blog header code Now go to your blog in the browser, and view the source code.

Has anyone been able to integrate thesis with vbulletin including logins? Thanks wGEric — that saves a lot of time when testing changes to the theme. What does not have sense for the user is that, when he is in activity stream, he can sometime interact directly with the recent content and sometime not so that he is sended to an other interaction place. This can be fixed by hacking the code however but this may be an option to think about. If you do, just override styles in the phpbb. Can try and see….

August 24, at 9: This is particularly awesome for BuddyPress developers because it will allow them to internally extend bbPress to fit the specific needs of their own custom BuddyPress components as they see fit.

Can you shoe me your updated code?

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The result is something like a rich facebook wall system. I did a bunch of research into forums and came away with the impression that phpBB was the industry standard.


When the bbPress plugin comes out with that integrate with Buddypress? Is it a good idea to open a full forum topic directly within activity stream?

How To Add A Forum To Your Thesis Themed WordPress Blog

Have you looked at that? Thanks to have read all of this in my broken english and hope this can be some inspiration for the developments.

bbpress thesis 2

This means in a future version of BuddyPress, bbPress will no longer come packaged in the download, and both plugins will be aware of each other being activated. Fhesis lots of workaround i found the solution. September 3, at 9: September 4, at 9: It is remarkable yhesis for WordPress community.

Currently there is 3 typology of places to interact for an user: For future reference, if you only want to get an array of the super sticky topics stuck to frontthen you can simply use this code:.

BuddyPress and bbPress – The Future ·

You should be able to register now. The end result will be two plugins working harmoniously together, to easily enable setups where bbPress forums can be created for any other kind of object, component, or plugin.

Check it out on one of my Thesis sites Beyond HQ.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Vinod i m displaying forum title for now but i think the same approach is not possible with topic.


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An article page-type have thexis article highlighted. So I tried the SimplePress plug in and have to say, it was easy. I have been a user and long-term fan of bbPress. I took the header styles out of my Thesis custom. October 4, at I get asked this question a lot so I recorded a short video of how to do it here: Bbprss — I tried bbpress a few months ago.

Hi I read a long discussion on bbpress forums about the name and how some people were upset about it So I suggest the name thfsis bbpress plugin to be simply: It allows you to place all of your theme customizations in one place so that when you upgrade Thesis, you can do it seamlessly and preserve all of your customizations.

October 13, at 3: Different types of content can be not that much differenciated. To bbpreas a new item to your Thesis Nav menu that is not linked to a WordPress page:. October 15, at November 3, at 8: Looking to meet new people to exchange info with,so leave me your name Bye, Reply.

bbpress thesis 2

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