Based on the case study, respond to the questions below incorporating not only the course reading materials, but any outside research that may be relevant. Cite View Details Educators Purchase. Regrettably, there’s little shared knowledge of the difficulties of applying a PMO. Looking forwards to apply what I learned in PMP classes in my company. Posted by Shivangi Gosai at 6: There is not enough executive stakeholder support; there is no visibility of the program; there is a conflict of interests within departments; people are reluctant to change the ways they have been doing things.

Enterprise-oriented functions are intended to strengthen the overall capability of the organization for long-range benefits. This leads us to further understand the selection between the two models available to an organization. Not all of the senior executives were equally enthused about the PMO concept. Governance ; Nonprofit Organizations ;. Normal Operation Processes and function units have to change their culture, behaviour, and even habits if they work with a PMO. PMO-heavy seems to be the best model for AtekPC, but the management should recognize that they would not be able to gain acceptance immediately from this approach.

AtekPC Project Management Office ยป Case Solution

There was no current plan to enforce usage at the enterprise level. He’d held back on employing fill time employees for that PMO and it was moving very gradually and very carefully so they won’t violate AtekPC’s culture. Structuring and Governing a PMO. To provide standardization in managing large complex projects and to atelpc improvements in planning and performance of initiatives.


Warren McFarlan, and Joycelyn W. CNMC has been exploiting mineral resources in Zambia sincebecoming one of the most important offcie industry enterprises in the country.

The atekpc project management office case.

The AtekPC Project Management Office by Prashant Mishra on Prezi

It gets hard to acquire resources and to find funding for PMO resources. Please be sure to include your own name in the filename, last name first then first initial for example: How will I receive the money? By submitting, you agree to our terms of service.

atekpc project management office case study

Looking forwards to apply what I learned in PMP classes in my company. Harvard Business School Publishing.

AtekPC Project Management Office

Not enough executive stakeholder support. Regardless of the technical challenges during the implementation, the core of the problems seems to be that the PMO is lacking organization support, from the top to the bottom.

Managers, including the head of the organization, need to step up and evaluate the project culture. For PMO light model: Corporate cultural change had been informal.

atekpc project management office case study

Be sure to cite the authority for any research included in your response. It can sometimes feel like you are running from one meeting to another and that your time is often wasted. The success of projects, in general, all rely on the factors being implemented; i.

atekpc project management office case study

For PMO heavy model: However the key point to understand is that every project needs planning, controlling, monitoring and again going back to planning when there are issues seen in the controlling and monitoring phases.


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The AtekPC Project Management Office

Program Management Office Team Member: Project Management Office Owner: He had held back on hiring fill time employees for the PMO and was moving very slowly and cautiously so as not to violate AtekPC’s culture. Finance Globalization Health Care.

Until the culture changes, project managers will consistently struggle to be successful. Upload your case study solution. The PC industry was changing, and AtekPC was dealing with remarkable pressure from larger competitors.

Other delivery considerations to keep in mind for the PMO at AtekPC are the cost and budget function which requires an allocation method for funding.

We are here to help. The most robust structure usually requires reporting directly to the President or CEO of the institution for maximum effectiveness.

Departmentally based Project Management offices are successful in their own silos but not accepted outside kanagement span of influence, and therefore, are unable to influence the organization as a whole. Newer Post Older Post Home. Posted by Unknown at 2: