The change in education levels shows that new people are moving into those areas, and native residents are not developing their incomes to meet those of the newcomers. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 21 Aug. Maintain Neighborhood Economic Diversity. Paragon Real Estate Group, Oct. She goes through various points, makes her arguments, and gives good reliable evidence to support. One Comment Add yours Pingback: This source seems reliable because it is based on real experiences, and the San Francisco Chronicle is a reliable source.

Wealthier areas have access to three times as many grocery stores, and low-income people pay cents more for food than higher income residents. It is rated one of the best cities for African Americans. He states that after seven years of a steady rise since the crash in houses are becoming affordable once more. Adelman, professors at Georgia State University discuss the reasons for gentrification in Atlanta. The more segregation, the more diversity within a state. In part I of her article she focuses on exactly how the built environment regulates behaviors and in part II she gives examples of actions taken by police, residents, and politicians that have further divided cities. This source will serve as a great visual example of the divisions.

Group Is Fighting Back. She then point out who is in charge of the gentrification occurring and who is benefiting from it. Next Post Artist Statement: PBS, 17 June The author goes on to say that gentrification has been gentrfiication for far too long, and that because of our neglectful behaviour we have yet to discover a cure. In conclusion, the find that gentrification decrease turnout among longstanding residents.

For example, the findings suggest that when there is higher segregation, then there are less white people in an area. Main menu Skip to content. This article mentions how people struggle with high prices in San Francisco.


The maps are color coded by dots, and each dot represents one person. The goal of this article is to discuss the impact on gentrification on voter turnout in Atlanta neighborhoods.

Annotated Bibliography – Gentrification in the Mission – Lost Culture

Retrieved August 4, The more segregation, the more diversity within a state. This source is bibliogrpahy detailed in its explanations of racial segregation and inequality. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. This article breaks down the causes and effects of the raised housing costs in the San Francisco Bay Area. I would say that annotatee source is fairly credible, it is lacking in support from trustworthy sources however it does maintain logical reasoning from one point to another throughout the entire piece.

Within this article, Neil Irwin makes claims that the housing market is finally cooling off.

The new residents are usually younger white middle class individuals. Racism is a key factor for the development of segregation and how it has now shaped the world today. Retrieved July 14,from http: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Despite this it has lots of credible sources embedded within it and it offers a challenging and much needed perspective of the seemingly one sided topic.

Annotated Bibliography- Final Draft – The Built Environment: Atlanta

She argues about gentrification and the changes going on in the Mission district but from the perspective as a techie. The authors use the results from the American Community Survey.

annotated bibliography gentrification

The article will be helpful in my research because annotaed will give a political view on gentrification and its effect on the African American neighborhood. The article then goes on to explain the distributions within different cities. This article can also be useful because it ties into the article about residential segregation.


Hudson uses current and clear examples to illustrate genrification the reader how truly elitist the Annotatde Area has become. This article provides more detail and evidence about the backgrounds of property value and race relations. I refer to this article various times for it provides detail and background on how the assumptions that are being made about tech workers being at fault for gentrification are wrong. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Steve Holland passionately believes that gentrification is not the cause of low income families moving out of their homes and he proves his perspective over and over again using statistics and first person accounts in his favor.

Annotated Bibliography- Final Draft

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The San Francisco Renters Confederations take on the housing market is a valuable one that should be regarded with respect and intrigue. I also used this to provide my readers with some information that they can actually take action to. It is also the first article that provides concrete solutions on how to deal with gentrification and rent controllers.

annotated bibliography gentrification