Write an equation that represents this relationship and use the equation to predict how tall the flower will be after 8 weeks. Use the equation and graph to determine how many girls would be on the team if Julie chose 10 boys to be on the team. Total Savings I might be able to make a graph of Jeff s savings but I do not know how it relates to the other graph. All Standard Benchmarks 7. Connect the Rule to the Pattern Linear relationships can be used to illustrate many patterns. The slope of the staircase is the same as you climb each step. Do you have enough money?

For each step you climb, you move up y inches and forward x inches. Recognize when there is a slope of zero or when the slope of the line is undefined. Then complete the table, graph, and equation for your pattern. How many scoops of formula must Vanessa use to make 9 ounce bottle for her baby? Complete the table and graph below to show how much it will cost for the crew to work on your yard for 6 hours. The unit rate is 5. Highlight this unit rate on the graph.

The sugar costs more to buy per pound. Determining the pattern unit rate by dividing in the wrong rule.

Label each line with the person s name. Start with 0 coins in the collection.

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They recognize that a proportional relationship can be represented with a straight line that goes through the paytern and compare proportional relationships represented in many ways. Use these representations to prove that your pattern is linear. How would you change the savings context so that it could be modeled by the same equation as the landscaping context?


2.2a homework connect the rule to the pattern

They must abstract the homeworm information and represent it symbolically as they develop and analyze the slope formula. Explain how to use the equation to determine how many weeks will pass until Linda runs out of balls. How are they different? At Sweet Chicks Bakery the equation y 3.

2.2a homework connect the rule to the pattern

I thd correctly answer 2 of the three parts of the question. Each side is twice the length and the area is 4 times the size d. The next lesson will address why this is true.

The mouse scurries away from the piece of cheese at a rate of 2 inches per second. This is where you can have a discussion about how you can find the rise and run at any location on the ramp to get the slope. Your group task is to build a set of stairs and a handicap ramp at the side.

2.2a homework connect the rule to the pattern

How does it work? Partial Understanding 2 I can make some of the bomework representations. You could also tell them to go back and look at some of the previous problems to use as a launching point in their thinking.


Write an equation that represents your proportional relationship. Vignette In the Classroom The homework gives each student a secret ballot to vote for his or her favorite type of music. The y- intercept will not be as transparent in 2.2s pattern.

What is the y-intercept of the graph? Analyze the graph to determine which girl is traveling faster.

2.3j Class Activity: Use Dilations and Proportionality to Derive the Equation y = mx + b

You’re Reading a Free Preview Pages 6 to 32 ohmework not shown in this preview. By investigating several contexts, students study the proportional constant or unit rate in tables, graphs, and equations. The constant rate of change makes a straight line when graphed. Proportional Relationships b Class Activity: Answers will vary; the line will be less steep 8WB Representations of a Linear Pattern b Homework: Complete the table below to show the relationship between number ounces of root beer extract x and number of pounds of dry ice y needed to make homemade root beer.

This is more difficult to conceptualize. The answer to question 1 how students drew the figure in stage 4 will help students to come up with a rule.

2.2a homework connect the rule to the pattern

Make a graph university of iowa thesis repository a proportional relationship.